SIGTARP Divisions

Investigations Division - SIGTARP's Investigations Division uses an innovative, intelligence-based approach to identify and investigate crime at financial institutions participating in TARP, including in the TARP foreclosure prevention programs. Operating out of five field offices - Washington DC, New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Atlanta - SIGTARP special agents, investigative analysts, and professional staff work to bring justice and accountability to those who break the law.

Audit Division - SIGTARP's Audit Division conducts oversight though audits and evaluations that prevent fraud and abuse, identify wasteful spending, and drive improvements. When our team of auditors and evaluators find a program that may be at risk, they get to work reviewing documents, interviewing program managers, and analyzing information. After an audit confirms waste, abuse, or fraud, SIGTARP looks for ways to recover taxpayer dollars and mitigate the risk by leveraging best practices and our extensive knowledge of TARP.

Office of Legal Counsel - SIGTARP's Office of Legal Counsel provides comprehensive legal services and counsel for the agency, including criminal, civil, and administrative investigations, audits, and litigation.

Office of Management - SIGTARP's Office of Management provide operational support and programs for personnel, facilities, financial, information technology, and related matters within SIGTARP.