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Reports & Audits

Under the Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008, SIGTARP reports information about TARP operations and oversight activities to Congress on a quarterly basis. The Special Inspector General also testifies periodically before relevant congressional committees – click here to view recent testimony.

SIGTARP audits TARP programs and recommends improvements in effectiveness and efficency of TARP and to prevent fraud, waste and abuse. 

SIGTARP reports are designed to:

  • Ensure transparency in TARP programs to foster accountability in how funds are used and in program results
  • Examine whether Treasury managers have sufficient internal controls and procedures to manage TARP programs
  • Ensure a fair, equitable, and consistent application and review process for individuals and entities seeking relief under various TARP programs
  • Test compliance with the policies, procedures, regulations, terms, and conditions that are imposed on TARP participants

Reports noted as PDF require a special plugin. To obtain a free reader for this format, please visit the Adobe® website